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Why PropChill
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As on date there are any number of Real Estate websites in India claiming to be the best with thousands and more ‘listings’ and ‘all convincing’ multimedia advertisements. However, none of the websites ventures into providing an investor with tools to generate comparative analysis across various verticals like location, specifications, conveniences, costs or the most important-accommodation design. A few may have ventured to utilise one odd vertical, but none caters to provide a comprehensive researched analysis across all. Therefore, investors are devoid of a platform which caters for a genuine perspective and an unbiased comparative analysis of Real Estate projects or properties in India.

If the Real Estate Sector in India is aware of the requirement why is it that nobody has attempted to develop such analytical tools? The reasons are simple! It requires in-depth knowledge and analysis of the Real Estate sector in India; requires huge amount of investment (not financial) in terms of time and effort (in today’s digital era nobody wants to invest time and effort without immediate returns); of analytical minds to extract the required intelligence and present it in a coherent and comprehensive manner.

The bottom-line is that an “empowered investor” is not in the interest of certain sections of Real Estate Sector in India.

PropChill endeavours to bridge this gap and provide an in depth, nonpartisan, granular analysis of

Real Estate and Property in India

for enhanced decision making capability at the investor’s end.

Growing Beyond Listing
“ Compare property, verified across 100+ facets ”

Won’t it be great if you could shortlist Real Estate Projects in India based on different criteria, or, could simply compare different accommodation scales for various facets across projects! Sounds great! Well that’s what exactly we have done. At PropChill we have spent almost two years to gather and capture the relevant data of Real Estate Projects in India and worked on developing various algorithms, to generate comparative analysis across projects for 5 independent verticals.


Dissects and compares the internal design (floor plan) of properties


Insight into the Internal finish and fittings of the properties


Compares the facilities and conveniences provided within the gated complex


Caters for the location rating aspect of the property


Provides complete breakdown of overall cost, alongwith a ROI (Return on Investment) analysis

Analysis across the above verticals are presented in the form of Comparative Matrices, Indexes & Ratings and Graphology. We @ PropChill are empowering the end user to be able to shortlist his/her desired property in five simple steps (Just five Clicks!).

PropChill is for...
“ Employ our insights for free ”


We have made an earnest attempt to generate unbiased ‘investor intelligence’ through comparative tables, charts and graphs, with the sole aim of empowering the individual investors and enhance their decision making capabilities towards shortlisting property.


The web portal is equally useful for property brokers to get an insight into the real estate market. It also provides a B2C (business to consumer) platform for genuine brokers to register (free) against projects/localities/cities and provide honest services to prospective investors.


We reach out to the Developers to exploit the platform and provide maximum information with respect to their projects, which would enable us to generate factual and transparent views for the investors. Also, register (free) with us to utilise direct and genuine B2C connect.

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