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The Story of Indian Real Estate Websites

Imagination leads to empowerment

India is the land of mathematicians, scientists and thinkers, the land of mahatmas and scholars. Modern India is recognised as the ‘land of software’, the Information Technology (IT) revolution ensured that not only brand names like Infosys, Wipro etc. made their presence felt but a number of smaller enterprises earned a name for themselves due to innovations, technology development and out of the box thinking. The IT boom affected all possible sectors from medicine, education, manufacturing to marketing technology etc. However one sector which never got on to this bus was the Real Estate in India. Some how, due to the ‘sand, brick and mortar’ syndrome the IT industry remained aloof from Real Estate and Vis-a-versa. Another important factor is that IT has always been considered as a tool which enhances transparency and unfortunately in India, Real Estate always has had shades of grey, the ‘feeling of walking down a dark alley alone’ and therefore it has been contemplated as a ‘wedding of the incompatibles’. Thus, though we have a number of Indian Real Estate Websites and all of them claim to be the ‘Best Real Estate Website in India’, however majority of them are commercially driven rather than being technologically motivated. Most of these Real Estate and Property Websites actually provide listings of projects or property in a sequential manner, with inaccurate and unverified data, not to forget the cosmetics of coloured brochures, walk throughs, brand ambassadors and glossy advertisements. So, what does a consumer or investor actually want from a Real Estate Website in India ?

properties  reality -  propchill - Fantasising a Real Estate Website for Indian Investor

Fantasising a Real Estate Website for Indian Investor…

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work – Collin Powell

We carried out a small survey to find out what the investor looks for, when shortlisting a property, whether for personal use or for investing. We homed on to five verticals which are essentially looked at by an investor, these are – the design of the apartment/property including the scale and area; the specifications of the property; facilities being provided in case of projects; the location within city/town and of course the overall financial implication. Another intrinsic factor remains the reputation and standing of the developer.

Let’s brainstorm a bit, if one can compare automobiles, electronic goods, clothes, hotel rooms, flights online … why not property? Won’t it be wonderful if there would be a Real Estate Website in India which catered to the needs of the investor and provide unbiased comparisons across all the above mentioned verticals; some tools for analysis; an independent rating mechanism for comparing projects and properties; a single platform where an investor can interact with the developer and broker in a transparent manner; and finally a Real Estate Website in India which could instil faith and confidence in an investor and empower him. The Real Estate sector needs to realise that a confident and empowered investor is in their own interest. Woh! When you dream, dream big! Is it possible or farfetched?…. try PropChill !!