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Historical Background

Bhiwadi. It is a census town in Tijara tehsil of Alwar district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Bhiwadi comes under National Capital Region and is an industrial hub. It lies on Rajasthan-Haryana border and is adjacent to Dharuhera town of Haryana. Dharuhera and Bhiwadi together form one urban sprawl. Bhiwadi is Yadav dominated place.Bhiwadi is also popular as a pilgrimage place. It is the land of 'Baba Mohan Ram' , the rider god on the blue horse.

Dharuhera. The town lies in Haryana and is a part of District Rewari. The town is located on NH8 and is collocated with Bhiwadi, infact it would be apt to call it the Gateway to Bhiwadi.

Urbanisation and Demography

Bhiwadi. As of 2011 India census Bhiwadi had a population of 104,883 in 2011, males constituted 57% and females 43% of the population. The sex ratio of Bhiwadi city is 800 females per 1000 males.Bhiwadi is the fastest growing industrial town in the outskirts of Metro City Delhi. The prime industrial town of NCR and Rajasthan, Bhiwadi comprises of 3 industrial areas name Bhiwadi, Chopanki and Khushkera. This area is spread over approx. 5300 acres and at present around 1000 industries are operational. In the coming future, some very big industries like Honda Siel small car plant, Shree Cement Ltd. Lafarz& some other big business houses will be added in this industrial cluster.

Dharuhera. As of 2001 India census Dharuhera had a population of 18,890. As of 2001 males constituted 57% of the population and females 43%. Dharuhera had an average literacy rate of 67%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy was 75% and, female literacy was 56%. 17% of the population was under 6 years of age. As of 2013, after rapid growth, the population is estimated to be 45,000.Dharuhera is about 40 minutes drive from Gurgaon and 60 minutes from Indira Gandhi International Airport. Due to its proximity with Gurgaon and New Delhi, Dharuhera had all the makings of the next big satellite city in the region, with a number of developers running projects in the area. The town lacks adequate drainage facilities and usually parts near to NH-8 and Bhiwadi get submerged even after slightest rain due to planning mistakes. However it is collocated with Bhiwadi which has a reasonable infrastructure.

Topography and Climate

Under the Koppen climate classification, Bhiwadiand Dharuheraexperiences a dry subtropical climate. The city experiences four distinct seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter, along with the truncated monsoon season setting in towards the later half of the summer. Summers, from early April to mid October, are typically very hot , with an average daily June high temperature of 104 °F (40 °C). The season experiences heat indices easily breaking 110 °F (43 °C). Winters are very cold and foggy with few sunny days, and with a December daytime average of 37.4 °F (3 °C). The Western Disturbance brings some rain in winters that further adds to the chill. Spring and autumn are mild and pleasant seasons with low humidity.

General Understanding


The town is bisected by NH8 from North to South and then towards west. The town is also bounded on the east by the Bhiwadi bypass and SohnaBhiwadi road in the south. Bhiwadi lies to the south east of Dharuhera. There are two pockets in which real estate development is taking place one is the area along NH8, and the second is east and west of Bhiwadi Bypass, which are away from the old town.


The town lies south east of NH8. It is bisected by Sohna-Rewari road in the north and perpendicularly from north to south along the Bhiwadi-Alwar state highway (SH-25). The old town is concentrated along the Sohna-Rewari road. Generally all the real estate projects are coming along the Alwar highway till about 40 KMs. The Alwar highway also has the industrial belt at Kushkhera and Tapukara. The developmental belt along the Alwar highway can be called as the ‘New Bhiwadi’, with sectors being developed by the Municipal Authorities as part of the Master Plan 2031.

Market Analysis

Both Dharuhera and Bhiwadi complement each other. Location wise Dharuhera may score over Bhiwadi, due to its proximity to NH-8, but, it does not have an infrastructure of its own and is dependent on Bhiwadi or Rewari for the same. With the KMP Highway now being handed over to NHAI and the DMIC being given the required stimulus, the Bhiwadi-Dharuhera holds a lot of promise. In addition, The NCRTC is going to setup Delhi-Alwar High Speed Train Links as a part of RRST (Rapid Rail Transport System) and train will pass through Bhiwadi and the new Cargo Airport are huge enablers for industries along the DMIC freight corridor, as well as business in Bhiwadi. The existing rates of real estate housing are from INR 3000/- to 3500/- in Dharuhera and from INR 2400/- to 3200/- in Bhiwadi. For obvious reasons, rates along NH-8 and Bhiwadi Bypass are higher as compared to rates along the Alwar Highway.