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How to make Indian real estate website more successful in generating business leads?

Looking for a business idea that is in trend with the current businesses and yet make it unique is a difficult task. The simple reason being, almost everyone is doing the same thing but with a different face mask. However, the idea for everyone remains the same,to serve the customers' needs in the best possible way. And to honour this, the easiest route is to serve information through websites and make it accessible in all formats. Be it about finding a restaurant near by or details of a real estate agent to help you find a property, websites are now becoming the easy source of quick information anywhere and everywhere. While people are now showing more interest in scrolling through the websites that lists the names and contact details of service providers, they are also showing interest in visiting the official website of the business owner to check for further details and cater to credibility issues.

So, what happens when you have an India real estate websites?

Before answering this question, let us clarify the benefits a website can offer to any business. For a business entity to run successfully and reach out to its target audience in the maximum capacity, it is necessary for it to have an online brand presence, in the form of a website. For a customer to know about an up coming product or service, using the internet is the easiest way to find out the details. If the website is effective as well as informative enough, it will attract the target audience very easily and will continue to do so if maintained and updated properly.

A website is mainly used a powerful and cost effective marketing tool by the business owners in all sectors with only one aim, promotion of the products and services and creating a strong brand presence in the market. The same logic is applied in case of a real estate website. Most of the Indian real estate websites have details of their projects that are already completed, ongoing and upcoming.

Many of the customers prefer going through the websites to understand the project details and then contact the owners or the agents accordingly. The artists impression of the project, the property and pricing details and the contact numbers are what these customers look for in the first place.In order to build an attractive real estate website, one must hire a professional website designer and discuss concepts that are unique and attention grabbing. The website must have all the unique features that the real estate company is offering in comparison to its competitors and should have features such as instant reply to queries, audio visual files of the projects, testimonials of satisfied customers. This will make the website look more lively and attractive.

Elements that an Indian real estate website must have

A shabbily designed website is never going to attract the customers after they have visited the website once. There are certain elements that a website must have to maintain a distinct iveness and be known as unique and different from the others.

  1. Inclusion of the brand logo at the Home page and right at the top left is important. Design of the logo, its colour and font is also crucial. Make sure that it does not look like a rip-off of any other company logo. For such tasks, hire a professional brand consultant and designer and create logos that will set your real estate business's identity apart.

  2. Create and publish unique content for the website. Many times, people prefer reading articles and blogs about the projects because it includes the facts in a detailed manner. In some other cases, people prefer viewing images and a 3D impression of the project to get a feel of how it will look in future on completion. The type of content should depend on the marketing team as to how they are planning to market the project details.

  3. Contact details that are functional and ready for use. Customers, if are fed with wrong details, may not trust the company ever. That is why, it is always better to flash a single number instead of multiple ones to avoid confusion. The email id should also be functional and published on the Home Page itself.

  4. Having a customizable website will be helpful. There might be situations where the website may require to be expanded to few more pages and with added services listed on them. The website should be built on a dynamic platform in such a case and should be updated regularly.

  5. In case of customers who are based out of India, there should be an instant chat or instant message system installed. Their queries must be addressed with in the minimum time and should be furnished with details as their requirement.

  6. Inclusion of a 3D map of the location with or without associating with Google. This will help the customer to understand the exact location of the project and proximity to other important institutions such as hospitals, office, school, college, market place, movie theatre, railway or airport.

Mistakes that should be avoided

For any Indian real estate website to help in generating business and new customer leads, one must void making the following mistakes.

  1. Good content and high quality videos and images, instead of images taken through phones or other low resolution camera. It is better to invest in a good photography session rather than include photographs and videos that are not clear. A website works as a portfolio of a project and people show their interest basis the images they view on screen. The details should be clear enough for a customer to understand and take a decision.

  2. Make these real estate websites a responsive one instead of one that only serves the customer when they visit the page. Try to persuade the user to leave a message or contact details to help you get back to them at the earliest and make them feel attended without even visiting the owners in reality. This will help the user get a positive feeling about the website.

  3. Do not compel the user or the visitor to register with your website unless necessary. Keep the necessary information ready to use and the detailed information such as on prices, ongoing rates, etc. to be accessed only on registration. This will make the user feel that they are not wasting their time but making a fruitful use of the same by visiting the website.

If you are an Indian real estate website owner

Owning a real estate website is no longer a luxury as it used to be.Until a few years back, running a business website used to be a marketing investment which not many could afford, however, with the changes in time and making afford able and easy to maintain websites,people are now able to prosper more and reach out to customers in a more constructive way.

For real estate website owner to ensure that it helps in generating possible business leads, one must make note of the following points:

  1. Keep the website updated with the latest details. A customer is never easy to satisfy and may lose interest if there is nothing new to consider. Updating details should be done in terms of ongoing and upcoming project details as well as in the look and feel of the website. If it is a multimedia enabled website, try to use the latest versions of the programming and multimedia software to keep it dynamic.

  2. Maintain an active social media profile and feature your website at all places. Today, undoubtedly, having a social media presence is as important as having the license to trade. People prefer viewing the Facebook page and tweets from the owner more than anything else. It is an open platform for the business owner as well as people visiting or utilising the services to come together and share their experiences, opinion and feedback. The official website should be mentioned properly. New business leads can be easily generated from the new visitors of the pages.

  3. Refresh the content every week and add relevant details about the real estate industry. A website need not be restricted to publishing details of the owner's business and project details only. For a website to feature in the most searched websites in the specific domain, useful and relevant content must be published. Industry updates, articles and blogs are excellent ways of publishing facts and details.

  4. Have an easy domain name. Most of the times, finding a particular website becomes a difficult and annoying task owing to the fact that the domain name is complicated to remember and spelt. To avoid such instances, try choosing a domain name that is easy to remember, devoid of spelling mistakes to be made and easy to find.

  5. Maintain online relationship with customers through varied media components such as monthly newsletters, emails with upcoming project details and any special offers on referring to family and friends. This will help the customer stay abreast with latest updates from the real estate owner and find opportunities to take decisions on new investments on properties.

With the advancement in technology today, it is easier for a customer to find the details of real estate projects through websites and social media than through an agent.These customers prefer doing a primary research before approaching any real estate agent. That is why, it is very critical to get a fully functional Indian real estate website to target and tap in the right customer.

Types of Indian real estate websites

There are few types of Indian real estate websites that are commonly seen when it comes to Indian real estate websites. One category is the official property and business website that the real estate business owners create to cater to people who look for information that are otherwise not available. Such websites are known for their credibility and because of the updated information on the projects that they are building. The second category is the one that lists the possible properties and projects according to the cities and locations. These websites include details in the format of name of the project, location,owner's name, tentative prices of 1BHK, 2BHK or 3 BHK as peravail ability, and the contact details, if requested. These websites source their information from the real estate owners directly and list them accordingly. The other type of Indian real estate website is the one where the agents' details are listed. Since these agents may not be associated with any particular builder or real estate company, they work as per projects and announce their availability accordingly.

At present, the first two types of Indian real estate websitesare more popular in India and people are known to visit them frequently. In India, real estate is gradually becoming a destination for making valuable investment which guarantees a higher return. Thatis why, the real estate industry is also known to be booming and growing by leaps and bounds.