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Looking for a business idea that is in trend with the current businesses and yet make it unique is a difficult task. The simple reason being, almost everyone is doing the same thing but with a different face mask. However, the idea for everyone remains the same,to serve the customers' needs in the best possible way. And to honour this, the easiest route is to serve information through websites and make it accessi...More

Planning to invest in a property is something that almost all of us consider when we are confident of our financial condition. Additionally, the easy availability and processing of home loans from the banking sector has made it far more convenient than it was before. If the current scenario in the real estate market is evaluated, the demand to buy properties, both commercial as well as residential is huge and is known to be increasing rapidly....More

Finding any real estate property is not an easy job as is finding a restaurant in the locality. To make this task a little easier, the list of properties are now available online in the best property websites in India. These websites carry all kinds of information related to the real estate industry and is not restricted to only a particular city or state. These websites offer information ...More

real estate in india has been reeling under a slow-down for the past 3 years, with sporadic signs of recovery. The first half of 2016 has also been a mixed bag, however the recovery signs are much stronger and one is looking forward to the return of a positive sentiment with an all-round growth in 2017. New Project Launches The overall new launches in 2016 has seen a drop of 9% vis-a-vis 2015. However, if we look at the numbers i...More

real estate in india has generally remained away from technology, especially the internet. The main reason for this has been the fact that real estate sector has always been thought of as a hardware sector and soft skills had no place. Somehow, real estate has remained aloof form the fast developing IT infrastructure and technological advancements in various fields, which could contribute tremendously towards making real estate a progressive sector. Real es...More

As we are all aware, real estate is a tricky business unless you know about the exact market situation with statistics. Amongst several factors such as economy and infrastructure, finding the right type of property is not a child’s play. As predicted by several market forecasts and professionals, real estate business is definitely on a boom and will ride high in the coming years. When we talk about the time before 2016, real estate had already taken an imperative place in the economy...More

The real estate industry in India has probably seen its worst in the past 3 years, since it was established as an industry. The slowdown was initially blamed on the slow growth rate of the Indian economy and policy paralysis at the establishment end. The Indian economy has been on a recovery path for the past 2 years and has shown positive signs of high growth rate despite a reeling world economy, however the real estate sector in India has generated limited positive response. This is an indicat...More

Increasing demands of affordable real estate in india has been on a rise since past few years. People want to buy a property and keep it as a long-term investment. Same is the case with the demand of commercial properties in the country. Due to increasing urbanization and work opportunities, entrepreneurs and multinational companies have been investing in luxurious commercial properties. Huge offices with plush surroundings have become a plus point while...More

real estate in india is showcasing positive signs of revival with lots of positivity in consumers sentiment. Almost all the cities in India are demonstrating remarkable growth featuring excellent investment prospects. Captured below is the analysis of three major real estate hotspots of India. Bangalore With a plethora of IT companies and other blue chips entering into the space, Bangalore has emerged as an IT hub. ...More

India being a country with expanded market options attracts a huge number of investments in real estate every year. Not just in India, investors from all over the world are keen to start their business here, which is a stepping stone for the country. Talking about the segments of realty sector, the commercial industry of India is channeling through to make profits on a yearly basis. Earlier, the real estate market calculation was done every five years, ...More

Buying property in india is becoming out to be a nightmare for many first timers who are completely unaware of the processes related to it. As simple as it sounds, investing in real estate should be a well-planned step, involving research and analysis. For example, if you are interested to buy a property in Mumbai, then it is logical to first carry out a thorough r...More

When it comes to real estate development, India has always been a little sceptical because of the previous record of this business. It is because of the fact that India is witnessing its own share of highs and lows as far as the property markets growth is concerned. The current growth of the real estate market is facing a sluggish market condition. This notion has also made way into developers mindsets and in turn has made them extra cautious while planning out any new project. While most of ...More